Organisational Studies and Innovation Review



Volume 5 / 2019| Issue 2

How to Improve Customer Service with the use of a Service Blueprint- Susan Silverstone
page: 1-13        Size: 2095KB        Download PDF

Effects of Privatisation on Non-financial Performance Measurements in Healthcare Sector -Aiman Farran
page: 14-22        Size: 1176KB        Download PDF


Volume 5 / 2019| Issue 1

So hearing about it is as good as seeing it? Employees’ justice perception and experience of organizational change rumours- Lina Ba and W. Guillaume Zhao
page: 1-11        Size: 1027KB        Download PDF

Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in Developing Countries, The Case Of The Kingdom Of Bahrain - Nehal El Naggar
page: 12-22        Size: 1393KB        Download PDF

Social dynamics shaping women managers’ work experiences - Mpho Prudence Nyetanyane and Freda van der Walt
page: 23-33       Size: 980KB        Download PDF


Volume 4 /2018| Issue 3

Conceptualisation and Operationalisation of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Theory and Practice of Management Sciences- Marek Matejun
page: 1-16        Size: 297KB        Download PDF

The Effect of Agile Process and Scrum Practices on the Rework and Defect Level of E-services - Edgaras Afarjanc
page: 17-45        Size: 745KB        Download PDF

Factors Causing Operational Flexibility Needs in an Uncertain Business Environment - Pervez Akhtar and Justyna Dylik
page: 46-53       Size: 319KB        Download PDF


Volume 4 /2018 | Issue 2

Impact of Intellectual Capital on the Financial Performance of SMEs Operating in Tourism Sector of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Pakistan - Muhammad Khalique and T. Ramayah
page: 1-5       Size: 231KB        Download PDF
 The Service Innovation Model of Aromatherapy Industry-dyadic perspective between Ease of Doing Business and growth & development in India - Li-Min Chuang and Tsung-Shih Kuo
page: 6-14       Size: 446KB        Download PDF
 Waste Management and Corporate Sustainability Performance: The Mediating Role of Islamic Work Ethics - Salina Daud, and Maryam Jamilah Asha’ari
page: 15-24       Size: 256KB        Download PDF
 Factors Influencing the Business Growth of Women-Owned Sewing Businesses in Lagos-State, Nigeria: A Pilot Study- Oyedele Ogundana, Kostas Galanakis, Amon Simba and Lynn Oxborrow
page: 25-36       Size: 544KB        Download PDF


Volume 4 /2018 | Issue 1

The Effect of Applying the New IFRS 16 “Leases” on Financial Statements: An Empirical Analysis on the Airline Industry in the Middle East - Bassam Maali
page: 1-9       Size: 968KB        Download PDF
 Relationship between Ease of Doing Business and growth & development in India - Shashank S. Tiwari and D. M. Parikh
page:10-15       Size: 723KB        Download PDF
Exploring the role of a work integrated learning programme in enhancing graduate employment in the Agricultural sector within the Mpumalanga Province, South Africa - Mamogoto Leutle, and Nico Schutte and Nicolene Barkhuizen
page: 16-23       Size: 956KB        Download PDF


Volume 3 /2017 | Issue 3

Managing Change in Organizations A Knowledge Management Perspective in the Kingdom of Bahrain -Adel Ismail Al-Alawi, and Nehal Fareed El-Naggar
page: 1-16       Size: 1350KB        Download PDF
Understanding the Managerial Coaching Practice in The Kingdom Of Bahrain - Nehal El Naggar
page: 17-26       Size: 498KB        Download PDF
Rural Banks Financing Of Small And Medium- Scale Enterprises (SMEs): A Case Study Of Juaben Rural Bank - Gifty Boateng , and Doris Akyere Boateng
page: 27-33       Size: 210KB        Download PDF
The Role of Continuous Improvement on Employee Performance in the steel industry - Chanakan Chavaha, and Chanongkorn Kuntonbutr
page: 34-39      Size: 176KB        Download PDF
Gender Inequality in Education and Economic Growth in ASEAN Member Countries - Rossarin Osathanunkul, Chatchai Keawngamdee
page: 40-46      Size: 261KB        Download PDF
The work environment factors that influence job satisfaction, and its imp act on turnover intention: The case of executive level employees in the Ma laysian Public Sector organizations - Abdul Rahim Zumrah, Kalsom Ali, Muhammad Yusuf Khalid, Ahmad Najaa Mokhtar
page: 47-54      Size: 199KB        Download PDF
Barriers to innovation in Spanish rural Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises - Gargallo-Castel, A., Esteban-Salvador, L. and Pérez-Sanz, J.
page: 55-64      Size: 262KB        Download PDF
Exploring the role of a work integrated learning programme in facilitating sustainable graduate employment in the Transport Industry: A conceptual paper - Karen Visser, Nicolene Barkhuizen and Nico Schutte
page: 65-75    Size: 261KB        Download PDF


Volume 3 /2017 | Issue 2

The Awareness of Renewable Energy efficiency for Supply Chain Management - Luai Jraisat and Christine Hattar
page: 1-5    Size: 161KB        Download PDF
Celebrity Endorsement Impact on Non Profit Organizations: A Case Study of Angelina Jouli's visits to Syrian refugee Camps in Jordan - Jamil Samawi
page: 1-13    Size: 161KB        Download PDF
Villain or responsible investor? Investigating public perceptions of a vocal shareholder activist - Suzette Viviers and Edwin Theron
page: 14-19    Size: 176KB        Download PDF
Strategies for Branding Cultural Tourism - Rodolfo Delgado
page: 20-25    Size: 176KB        Download PDF
The importance of business model, process innovation at organisational level of management in event market - Bosso Giulia and Anna Claudia Pellicelli
page: 26-29    Size: 259KB        Download PDF
mplication on management of digital communication in automotive industry - Anna Claudia Pellicelli and Giulia Bosso
page: 30-36    Size: 235KB        Download PDF
Consumers driven innovation process for rapid design and development of new food products- Mohannad Jreissat
page: 37-44    Size: 200KB        Download PDF
The Impacts of Direct Marketing Strategies on Consumers’ Purchasing Decision in Cosmetic Sector in Turkey - Didem Yılmaz and Feyza Bhatti
page: 45-53    Size: 267KB        Download PDF
Evaluating the impact of supplier engagement on supplier selection in chemical industry - Sonali Pawar and R.K Srivastava
page: 54-62    Size: 333KB        Download PDF


Volume 3 /2017 | Issue 1

Internet Banking and Organizational Change: From a Customer - Luai Jraisat and Christine Hattar
page: 1-10    Size: 233KB        Download PDF
Bringing Innovation in New Product Development (NPD) by leveraging External Sources: Opportunity or Hype? - Naheed Bashir
page: 11-18    Size: 207KB        Download PDF
The relationship between the Number of Students and Academic Ranks to Develop the Quality Higher Education in Jordan Using Statistics - Adel, A. Haddaw
page: 19-27    Size: 195KB        Download PDF
Factors influencing buying behaviour of consumers in life insurance sector: A survey - Farnaz Haider and Mhd Shamsuzzama
page: 28-234    Size: 184KB        Download PDF
International Business: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Sub- Saharan African Entrepreneurs in the Wake of Global Economy - Kemadjou Yakam Yannick Damien
page: 35-40    Size: 187KB        Download PDF
4G Network Services in India: Emergence and Current Competitive Market Situation - Matilda Isaac Mustapha and Sahil Koul
page: 41-47    Size: 237KB        Download PDF


Volume 2 /2016 | Issue 4 

E-Commerce Impact on the Jordanian Economy - Mohammad Alawamleh and Loiy Bani Ismail
page: 1-8    Size: 195KB        Download PDF
Exploring Employee Attitudes on Fairness of Idiosyncratic Deals - Severin Hornung, Ramona Doenz, and Jürgen Glaser  
page: 9-15    Size: 183KB        Download PDF
Service Quality Gap Analysis: Measuring Students’ satisfaction in the tertiary education sector of Bangladesh - Dr. Md Abu Saleh
page: 16-23    Size: 233KB        Download PDF
Value Co-creation Canvas for Hijab Fashion Industry in Indonesia - Lisandy Arinta Suryana, Lidia Mayangsari, and Santi Novani
page: 24-31    Size: 544KB        Download PDF
Consumer Behaviour Towards Smartphone Industry in Indian Market - Mayank Parikh
page: 32-49    Size: 2872KB        Download PDF
4G Network Services in India: Emergence and Current Competitive Mar ket Situation - Roshita Sodani
page: 50-56    Size: 198KB        Download PDF
Women on managing boards – are companies more responsible when women share the power? - Joanna Hernik and Antonio Minguez Vera
page: 57-63    Size: 206KB        Download PDF
Prizing the Role of the Board of a non-profit organisation. A Managerial Approach - Przemyslaw Wilczynski
page: 64-73     Size: 268KB      Download PDF
Frauds in Corporate India: Comparison among Four Major Corporate Scams - Chahna Jhaveri
page: 74-79    Size: 218KB        Download PDF
Sports Business in India: Development of sports as business in country and its ecosystem - Yash Swaminarayan
page: 80-84    Size: 187KB        Download PDF
The Role of Religious Value and Environmental Knowledge on Green Purchase Behaviours of Muslim Consumers - Nanang Ariswibowo and Ezlika Ghazali
page: 88-95    Size: 285KB        Download PDF
The Invisible Face in Service Quality: Relationships Amongst Relative Deprivation, Anger Rumination and Service Sabotage on Marketing Employee - Yagmur Ozyer Aksoy
page: 96-105    Size: 225KB        Download PDF
How technology drives the internationalisation process: An exploratory of Small and Medium Enterprises - Sathiswaran Uthamaputhran
page: 106-111    Size: 194KB        Download PDF
Pro-market reform and aerospace innovation in China  - Denise Tsang and Lu Chen
page: 112-119    Size: 289KB        Download PDF
Effects of competitive climate on work engagement, adaptability, and performance: A multilevel analysis - Shu-Ling Chen and Ya-Jen Cheng
page: 120-130    Size: 338KB        Download PDF
A Proposed Model: Factors Affecting the Disclosure Practices of Listed Companies in ASEAN - Chen Shuwen and Nunthapin Chantachaimongkol
page: 131-140    Size: 225KB        Download PDF


 Volume 2 /2016 | Issue 3

A Proposed Model: Factors Affecting the Disclosure Practices of Listed Companies in ASEAN - Chin-Fang Yang, Chi-Shiun Lai, & Han-Ning Li
page: 1-5    Size: 245KB        Download PDF
Is Doing Better to Employee Beneficial for Company? The Mediating Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Attribution - Chi-Shiun Lai, Chin-Fang Yang, & Chia-Chun Lin
page: 6-11    Size: 239KB        Download PDF
What Extent Do Algerian Import Companies Trading Via E-Marketplace to Import from China - Assia Djenouhat & Reda Djaouahdou
page: 12-20    Size: 228KB        Download PDF
The Development of a Strategic Leadership Competency Measure for Public Sector Leaders – A Pilot Study  - Nico Schutte & Nicolene Barkhuizen
page: 21-29    Size: 211KB        Download PDF
Linking Chinese Neo-Confucianism Culture in Western Women Leadership - Bo Gao
page: 30-36    Size: 223KB        Download PDF
On-Line Purchasing Decision Behavior  -Supakorn Iamamporn & Dr. Yaowapa Pathomsirikul
page: 37-40    Size: 218KB        Download PDF
Factors that Affect Consumers for Choosing Positive and Negative Lucky Products - Li-Shia Huang
page: 41-47    Size: 200KB        Download PDF
Teachers’ Acceptance toward Blended Learning - Pradit Songsangyos & Supanut Kankaew
page: 48-53    Size: 273KB        Download PDF


Volume 2 /2016 | Issue 2

Human Resources Management Concepts: Implementation in Small Business -Marek Matejun, Piotr Sitkiewicz
page: 1-17    Size: 288KB        Download PDF
Factors Affecting Eco Labels Cosmetic Buying Intention -Che Aniza binti Che Wel, Syed Shah Alam and Nor Asiah Omar
page: 18-27    Size: 255KB        Download PD
Towards a Risk Management tool to support collaboration in Virtual Enterprise - Mohammad Alawamleh and Loiy Bani Ismail
page: 28-35    Size: 206KB        Download PDF
New Approach in E-Business Redesign Process - Rasha Fady Ismail
page: 36-46    Size: 235KB        Download PDF
Problems and Challenges Of Retailers - A Macro Analysis To Re-Launch The Dimensional Change - S.Edmund Christopher
page: 47-53    Size: 200KB        Download PDF
Factors influencing banks’ adoption and development of e-Banking: case of Algeria - Anas B. Zerhouni
page: 54-63    Size: 248KB        Download PDF
Developing a CPD Framework in a time of organisational cultural conflict  - Simpson, J et al
page: 64-70    Size: 182KB        Download PDF

Volume 2 /2016 | Issue 1

Responsible business through sport: a balance between pursuing esteem and avoiding disesteem - SHarri Jalonen
page: 1-7    Size: 179KB        Download PDF
Attitudes Toward Cultural Tourism With Community Participation: A Case Of ‘Authentic Songkhla Food Old-Time Atmosphere’ Walking Street in Southern Thailand  - Wassana Suwanvijit
page: 8-14    Size: 188KB        Download PDF
Industrial heritage in the competitive strategies of the territory - Pironti Marco, Pisano Paola and Natoli Cristina
page: 15-29    Size: 1185KB        Download PDF
Eurasian union prospects - Liliya Mergaliyeva
page: 15-29    Size: 1185KB        Download PDF


Volume 1 /2015| Issue 2

A quantitative and qualitative investment decision making framework for minimising risk and uncertainty: Institutional Investors coming to grips with a highly complex interrelated investment world -Dr Carol Royal and Bruce Garvey
page: 1-7    Size: 214KB        Download PDF
The evaluation of training and development of employees: the case of A national oil and gas industry - Aliya Mohammed Al-Mughairi
page: 8-16    Size: 218KB        Download PDF
An Investigation of Educators’ Motivation and Knowledge Sharing In The Mauritian Secondary Education Sector - Shenaaz Emambuccus and Sheereen Fauzel
page: 17-32    Size: 400KB        Download PDF
Study of the Infrastructure Financing Development and Economic Growth in India  - Dr Nenavath Sreenu
page: 33-48    Size: 314KB        Download PDF
The Value Creation of Strategic Alliances and Strategic Partnerships: A Comparative - Saci Fateh
page: 49-58    Size: 250KB        Download PDF
Using Business Models to Inform Non-profit Sustainability - Ellen Szarleta and Atta Ceesay
page: 59-67    Size: 285KB        Download PDF


Volume 2 /2016 | Issue 1

The Era of Social Media in the Middle East - Mohammad Alawamleh , Loiy Bani Ismail , Areej Shashaa
page: 1-9        Size: 239KB        Download PDF
Determinants of Turnover Intentions of Employees in the Anti-Corruption Commission of Bhutan - Tshering Wangchuk and Parisa Rugnruang
page: 10-23    Size: 276KB        Download PDF
Development Path And The Role Of Industrial Parks – The Case Of Gyor - Petra Kecskés and Elod Péter Kovács
page: 24-32    Size: 243KB        Download PDF
Research of the Efficiency of Logistics Industry in China —Based on Malmquist Index Method -Deng Lei, Xu Xinwen, and Tang Shasha
page: 33-41    Size: 251KB        Download PDF
Leveraging Human and IS Capita - Dr. Alan Burton-Jones
page: 42-49    Size: 232KB        Download PDF
The Assessment of Strategic Risk-Oriented Management (SROM) in Achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage - Dr Mahmoud A. Ramadan
page: 50-60    Size: 190KB        Download PDF
ICT Strategies Strengthening Women Entrepreneurs in India  - Prof. Mukesh Ranga and Priyanka Pradhan
page: 61-68    Size: 494KB        Download PDF
Exploring owner-managers perspectives to develop a conceptual learning framework - Lesley Strachan
page: 69-80    Size: 391KB        Download PDF
The role of Turkish youth in family purchase decision -Kumru Uyar, Kenan Gullu and Müge Erkan
page: 81-88    Size: 164KB        Download PDF
Influence of corporate social performance in a country’s innovation capacity - Marina Mattera
page: 89-99    Size: 551KB        Download PDF
How to Implement Models of Supply Chain in Crowd funding Technological Projects - Marina Mattera and Raquel Ureña
page: 100-107    Size: 229KB        Download PDF
Explaining Arab Manufacturing Exporters’ Preference for Western over MENA Markets: The Key Role of Information Availability and R&D Spillovers - Oualid Abidi and Hany Elbardan
page: 108-114    Size: 142KB        Download PDF
An Integrated Perspective between Global Sustainable Development and Corporate Sustainability - Prof. R.C. Katiyar and Dr. Jaya Shahi
page: 115-123    Size: 187KB        Download PDF
Strategic analysis and the conscious use of our thinking- Zuzana Papulova – Jozef Papula
page: 124-130    Size: 173KB        Download PDF
Advancing Women in Leadership; Crossing Borders: An Analysis of the Barriers and Attributes of Organisations in India- Prof. S. K. Srivastava and Sakshi Bajpai
page: 131-139    Size: 272KB        Download PDF



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