Abstract-Vol-1-Issue-1 TPetra Kecskés and El?d Péter Kovács

Organisational Studies and Innovation Review
Development Path And The Role Of Industrial Parks – The Case Of Gy?r
TPetra Kecskés and El?d Péter Kovács
Széchenyi István University, Hungary, Doctoral School of Regional- and
Economic Sciences

Abstract: The authors introduce Gy?r as a significant member and central city of the Central European automotive industrial concentration. As a traditional industrial town, and due to its great geographic location, it is one of the leading cities in the automotive industry, both on national and on international level. The pulling power is the Audi’s Hungarian site situated in the town but also related industries and suppliers play relevant role in the development of the industry and thus, the whole economy. The industrial park of the city supports the settled companies with special infrastructure and services and offers home to most of the suppliers. The study gives a brief overview of the city and its economy then it will be continued by an empirical research and its significant findings. The quantitative research focuses on the reputation of industrial parks generally, and of the industrial park of Gy?r specifically.

Keywords: industrial park, reputation, economic development, empirical research.






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