Abstract-Vol-1-Issue-1 Zuzana Papulova – Jozef Papula

Zuzana Papulova – Jozef Papula
Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia

Abstract: People have always admired and respected those who can exceed and overtake others with their thinking based on ability to understand the past and the present and on ability to predict the future. There is always an interest to find ways how to improve human thinking. The theory of strategic management has dedicated several decades to development of strategic analysis and searches the ways how to recognize, understand and predict what can determine the success and the fulfilment of our expectations and intentions in the future. As a research team at our faculty, we have been studying development of strategic analyses and possibilities for their improvement. Our main aim is not only to develop new and efficient analytical methods and techniques, but mostly we search for possibilities and capabilities of human thinking involvement in strategic analyzes. This article shows the results of our study. Questionnaire technique was used to collect data from more 270 managers from companies operating in Slovakia. The study shows how managers use a conscious thinking while approaching strategic analysis and making strategic decisions. The results showed that the most important type of thinking for managers nowadays is the creative thinking. This thinking is based on gathering information, getting to know and develop own original solutions. In this case, it is a highly "conscious" thinking in which individuals create own decision based on own abilities and possibilities.

Keywords: Strategic Analysis, Creative Thinking, Intuition








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