Abstract-Vol-1-Issue-1 Deng Lei, Xu Xinwen, and Tang Shasha

Organisational Studies and Innovation Review
Research of the Efficiency of Logistics Industry in China
—Based on Malmquist Index Method
Deng Lei, Xu Xinwen, and Tang Shasha
College of Mechanical Engineering, Chongqing University
Chongqing Key Laboratory of Logistics, Chongqing University

Abstract: In order to research the dynamic changes of the production efficiency of Chinese logistics industry, the dynamic variation of total factor productivity (TFP) of logistics industry in China was analyzed in this paper by taking the amount of employees in logistics industry, length of logistic network and fixed investments as the input indexes, and taking the freight traffic volume and tonnage mileage as output indexes with the panel data of 31 provinces from 2007 to 2013 based on Malmquist-DEA approach. Besides, four main economic districts are divided from 31 provinces and cities in accordance with related polices promulgated by National Bureau of Statistics. Then the current situation and changes of TFP and its decomposition efficiency of all districts were further analyzed in this paper. According to the research results, the TFP of Chinese logistics industry maintains a high growth rate, and the development in technology has an obvious facilitation in TFP growth. But the poor pure technical efficiency has become the bottleneck of the development of TFP. Seen from the perspective of regional development, the development of TFP of the logistics industry in western economic zone is most obvious, which is mostly benefited by fixed assessment investment. But varying degrees of input redundancy can be found in each economic district, and among the four districts, the eastern and middle districts are blamed for high redundant construction degree and serious resources waste.

Keywords: Logistics Industry; Total Factor Productivity; Zone Development; DEAMalmquist


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