Abstract-Vol-3-Issue-3 Karen Visser, Nicolene Barkhuizen and Nico Schutte

Sports Business in India: Development of sports as business in country and its ecosystem Yash Swaminarayan

Exploring the role of a work integrated learning programme in
facilitating sustainable graduate employment in the Transport
Industry: A conceptual paper
Karen Visser, Nicolene Barkhuizen and Nico Schutte
GIFT Research Niche Area, North-West University, South Africa


Abstract: The main objective of this preliminary research was to present a conceptual framework that can best guide the work integrated learning practices for graduates of the South African transport industry. More specifically we aimed at identifying the talent intelligent gratributes required to ensure employable graduates. Furthermore we also aimed at detecting the talent management strategies, processes and practices needed for sustainable graduate employment in the transport industry. Drawing from existing research and literature, we identified multiple intelligences such Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Cultural Intelligence (CQ), Business Intelligence (BQ), Social Intelligence (SQ) and Digital Intelligence (DQ) as key to the development of employable talent intelligent graduates. In addition we propose a graduate talent life cycle for the effective talent management of graduates in the workplace. The graduate talent life cycle includes seven steps: Talent Mind-set, Talent preparation, Talent Branding, Talent acquisition and mapping, Talent development, Talent performance and recognition and Talent retention. Finally we present an integrated work integrated learning framework for graduates by incorporating work integrated learning stakeholders, talent intelligent gratributes and talent life cycle components.

Keywords: Graduates, Talent, Talent Management, Work integrated learning




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