Abstract-Vol-2-Issue-3 Li-Shia Huang

Factors that Affect Consumers for Choosing Positive and Negative Lucky Products

Li-Shia Huang

Fu Jen Catholic University


Abstract: Superstitious beliefs are prevalent even in modern lives, especially in Asia. Many marketers utilize lucky appeals to promote their products. Usually the lucky appeals include the claims that either bringing good lucks for people (positive lucky products) or preventing bad lucks (negative lucky products). This article uses two studies to discuss the factors that affect consumers when choosing positive and negative lucky products. In study1, a survey of 292 participants in Taiwan showed that attitude superstitious belief related positively to both positive and negative lucky products. Attitude for positive lucky products was also positively related to belief in being personally lucky. Attitude for negative lucky products was negatively related to subjective well-being, and positively related to belief in being unlucky. In study 2, an experiment of 161 participants showed that most people prefer positive lucky products, but difficult situation would increase the likelihood of choosing negative lucky products. Past research has discussed many psychological factors that affect the belief in luck. However, little research focused on the discussion of attitude for lucky products in commercial markets. This research tries to fill the academic research gap and to provide some implications for managers who want to use lucky appeals for promoting products.

Keywords:Superstition, Lucky product, Belief in luck, Subjective well-being.








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