Abstract-Vol-1-Issue-1 Lesley Strachan

Lesley Strachan
Southampton Solent University Business School

Abstract: This study explores the learning experiences of owner-managers of microenterprises.The literature suggests that owner-managers of micro-enterprises have a positive attitude to learning but will not engage with a learning or training agenda that fails to recognise their needs and constraints. An inductive interpretative approach explored owner-managers experiences of learning in the context of operating a micro-enterprise. There is no separation between the owner and the business, as they are often one and the same. Semi structured one to one interviews gathered data from owner-managers, and an initial conceptual learning framework developed which reflects owner-managers preferences. Findings indicate that events in an owner-managers business life triggers a decision to learn, and reflect aspects of not knowing how to do specific tasks. There appears to be an increasing focus on searching and learning on the internet, and a preference for self-initiated learning. The study highlights the importance of understanding how owner-managers learn and are likely to be of interest to UK universities and those delivering training to owner-managers particular in regard to the design of teaching and learning strategies.

Keywords: Owner-managers, micro-enterprises, learning, universities, training, inductive






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