Volume 8 2021 Issue 3

Journal of Organisational Studies and Innovation

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Journal of Organisational Studies and Innovation


In Pursuit of Rapid Impacts: Research with a Difference

By: Stephen Smith - Brunel University   Full Text





Volume 8 /2021 | Issue 3

A model for organizational entrepreneurship with organizational health approach of district 1Iran teaching hospitals - Ghahraman Mahmoudi, Fatemeh Rasooly Kalamaki and Jamshid Yazdani Charati
page: 1-16        Size: 997KB        Download PDF
DOI:  http://doi.org/10.51659/josi.20.138
Strategic Effects of Service Innovation on Financial and Market Performance - Yasemin Kocak Bilgin and Zafer Adiguzel
page: 17-35     Size: 881KB         Download PDF
DOI:  https://doi.org/10.51659/josi.20.128
Digital Transformation Strategy: The LEGO Case - Tugba Gurcaylilar, Yenidogan and Saba Gul
page: 36-55     Size: 2448KB         Download PDF

DOI: https://doi.org/10.51659/josi.20.139



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