Abstract-Vol-5-Issue-2 Aiman Farran

Sports Business in India: Development of sports as business in country and its ecosystem Yash Swaminarayan

Effects of Privatisation on Non-financial Performance Measurements in Healthcare Sector
Aiman Farran *
Umm Al-Qura University (KSA) and University of East Anglia*


Abstract: This paper aims to define the literature gap in order to contribute to filling this through the research project, which will investigate the impacts of privatisation on non-financial performance measurements in privatised public healthcare sector. This research project will be based on a contingency approach to investigate the privatisation influences on non-financial performance measurements by focusing on contingent factors changes resulted by the implementation of privatisation. This is a desk-based study of existing literature, analysed through influences of privatisation on non-financial performance measurements based on a contingency theory approach. This paper considers the contingency framework though defining different contingencies which have been affected following the implementing of privatisation, according to the related literature, as follows: organisational strategy, structure, culture, size and technology. This review concludes the literature gap affording an opportunity for scholars to contribute to knowledge by filling this gap


Keywords: Privatisation, non-financial performance measurements, healthcare sector, contingency theory




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