Dr Seyedeh A H Tabaghdehi

Associate Editor

Dr Seyedeh A H TabaghdehiS. Asieh Tabaghdehi is Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Finance at Regents University London. She has a PhD in Economics and Finance from Brunel University London, UK.
Dr Tabaghdehi has developed a wide range of research interests including wealth and asset management, cooperate finance, financial risk management, stock market analysis, financial modelling, arbitrage and market disequilibrium, pricing analysis and regime-switching model using a market efficiency approach, market structure and competition analysis, time-series modelling, stationarity and cointegration properties with exceptional passion about collaborating academic research to a policy audience and corporate decision makers.

She has strong background in data analysis with strong quantitative skills and a willingness to work with large and complex data sets. She is also reviewer of International Journal of Business Performance Management, and Journal of Energy Policy.

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