Amir Reza Afrouzi

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Amir Reza AfrouziAmir Reza Afrouzi is a master student at Tehran University, and he is studying entrepreneurship management. He was part of the Top 1% Rank of Participants in the University Entrance Exam in 2019 for MSc of Management.
His research interest includes tourism and hospitality, organizational behaviour, leadership, sustainable innovation, technological innovation, emerging technology and adoption of technologies is organizations. He has committed to several papers about organizational behaviour and sustainable innovation. He Cooperated as consulter in five Report and Strategy Plan about Iranian Companies' Situation During the Pandemic.
He has done some projects about:

  • Adopting of R&D Outsourcing in Organizations
  • Entrepreneurial Alertness and Opportunity Recognition
  • Comparing the Internet of Things in Iran and other Countries
  • Methods of Financing – Seed Accelerators
  • Different types of Emerging Technologies and their impact on organizations (unemployment, techno-stress, and efficiency)
  • Analyzing and comparing four countries from the aspects of culture, economy, politics, and society (Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabiya)

He knows English, Farsi, Azari, and Turkish languages very well. His computer skills include Office, SPSS, AMOS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Python (Beginner).

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