SPSS Training

SPSS Training, 19th December

(Venue: Brunel University London)

SPSS is a sophisticated analytical software used by almost all social scientists and research professionals. It addresses, in principle, research concepts that are of statistical analysis in nature.

This programme has been designed for 1 day: an intermediate 7- hour programme (one day course) and carries 7 CPD points. The Course cost is £600, but for students who are fully registered and attending MBAcademy conference the course will be £150 and for non-student will be £220

SPSS developed and owned by IBM. There are recent versions that we can use without too much difference or preference.

The most recent one is version 22 (progress has been made already to publish version 23) which is so compatible with versions 20 and 21. The underlying fact here is that there is very little difference between these three versions.

The short training course, is taught with extensive statistical and computer laboratory examples to show how data of various categories can be analysed.
There is also a very strong tendency, within the delivery of this course; to spend some considerable time explaining how the results (through the SPSS printouts) can be interpreted using statistical theory reasoning.

In summary, by the end of this programmes, the student will be able, not only , to navigate quite easily through the different parts of this fascinating software , but also with very strong understanding of their underlying statistical concepts.


Further Reading
1 -  Coakes, S (2014) SPSS: Analysis without Anguish, Version 22.0 for Windows. Wiley, UK.
2 - Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Freeman, & Shoesmith  (2007) Statistics for Business and  
    Economics.  Thompson Learning.


SPSS Training

Title:                       Introduction to SPSS

Level:                      Intermediate

Duration:                 One day (7 hours)

Target Audience:    PhD Students, Academics and Professionals.

Aim:                        To introduce medical and healthcare professionals to basic statistical analysis of medical datasets using SPSS.


1. Introduction to the SPSS environment (data view, variable view, menus, toolbars, dialogue boxes, output window). Entering data. Saving and retrieving files. Simple exploratory analysis using tables and charts. (30 mins)

2. Descriptive statistics using SPSS: frequency tables, measures of central tendency and variability. (1 Hour)
3. Analysing relationships in scale level data using SPSS: correlation and simple linear regression. (2 hours)

4. Multiple Regression (1 hour)

5. Analysing relationships in categorical data using SPSS: chi-squared test. (1 hour)

6. Reliability Analysis, and Factor Analysis (1.30 hour)

Teaching and learning methods:

For each session/topic delegates will initially be working hands-on with SPSS datasets at a PC/laptop, following handouts prepared by the tutors. Further exercises will then be attempted using these and other datasets.

Learning material provided to delegates:

Copies of handouts/exercises, answers to set exercises.

Evaluation by participants:    Evaluation questionnaire

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