Abstract-Vol-2-Issue-3 Bo Gao

Linking Chinese Neo-Confucianism Culture in Western Women Leadership

Bo Gao

PhD student, Roehampton University, UK


Abstract: The aim of this paper is to revisit theoretical positions on women's leadership and the implications by building upon traditional Neo-Confucianism philosophy of women's leadership. This research explores how traditional Chinese Neo-Confucianism Culture can promote western women elite leaders’ positive relationship with others. This research focuses on those women elite leaders’ experiences of positive social relations whom at the top of hierarchies as directors in organisations. This paper is a theoretical research. The author argues that Neo-Confucianism is a driving cultural forces, its theories can be used in Western countries to promote positive women leadership. The author claims that benevolence, propriety, and trustworthiness are important factors of collaborative and mutually positive relationship, and are foundational factors for modern women leadership and women’s relationships. The writer contends that women elite leaders should know the unity of Yin and Yang, follow the principle of yin and yang, and seek a balance between masculinity and femininity. This report focuses on link traditional Chinese Neo-Confucianism philosophy in Western Women Leadership research and practice, drawing upon the analysis of Confucianism (people), Daoist (nature), and Buddhist (spirit) theories into women's leadership.  

Keywords: Neo-Confucianism, women leadership, benevolence, propriety, trustworthiness, harmony.






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