Organisational Studies and Innovation Review




CURRENT ISSUE | Volume 3 /2017 | Issue 1

 Title and Authors Pages Size  Paper
Internet Banking and Organizational Change: From a Customer
Perspective - Luai Jraisat and Raef Alsaied
1-10 233KB
Bringing Innovation in New Product Development (NPD) by leveraging External Sources: Opportunity or Hype? - Naheed Bashir
11-18 207KB  
The relationship between the Number of Students and Academic Ranks to Develop the Quality Higher Education in Jordan Using Statistics - Adel, A. Haddaw
19-27 195KB
Factors influencing buying behaviour of consumers in life insurance sector: A survey - Farnaz Haider and Mhd Shamsuzzama
28-34 184KB
International Business: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Sub- Saharan African Entrepreneurs in the Wake of Global Economy - Kemadjou Yakam Yannick Damien
35-40 187KB
4G Network Services in India: Emergence and Current Competitive Mar ket Situation - Matilda Isaac Mustapha and Sahil Koul
41-47 237KB


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