Organisational Studies and Innovation Review




CURRENT ISSUE | Volume 3 /2017 | Issue 2

 Title and Authors Pages Size  Paper
The Awareness of Renewable Energy efficiency for Supply Chain ManagementLuai Jraisat and Christine Hattar 1-5 161KB
Celebrity Endorsement Impact on Non Profit Organizations: A Case Study of Angelina Jouli's visits to Syrian refugee Camps in Jordan - Jamil Samawi
6-13 182KB  
Villain or responsible investor? Investigating public perceptions of a vocal shareholder activist - Suzette Viviers and Edwin Theron
14-19 176KB
Strategies for Branding Cultural Tourism - Rodolfo Delgado
20-25 176KB
The importance of business model, process innovation at organisational level of management in event market - Bosso Giulia and Anna Claudia Pellicelli
26-29 259KB
Implication on management of digital communication in automotive industry - Anna Claudia Pellicelli and Giulia Bosso
30-36 235KB
 Consumers driven innovation process for rapid design and development of new food products - Mohannad Jreissat
 37-44 200KB   
 The Impacts of Direct Marketing Strategies on Consumers’ Purchasing Decision in Cosmetic Sector in Turkey - Didem Yılmaz and Feyza Bhatti
44-53  267KB
 Evaluating the impact of supplier engagement on supplier selection in chemical industry - Sonali Pawar and R.K Srivastava
54-62 333KB 
 Restructuring 0f Municipalities and its Impact on Human Resources Staffing, Training & Development Strategies, An Applied study In Greater Irbid Municipality, Jordan - Faraj Abdullah Harahsheh
64-80  313KB


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