The relationship between the Number of Students and Academic Ranks
to Develop the Quality Higher Education in Jordan Using Statistics

Adel, A. Haddaw
Mustansiriyah University – College of Economics and Administration, Iraq Baghdad



Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to develop the quality higher education in Jordan by studying the number of students and academic ranks in the Jordanian universities, public and private during the period 2000 – 2011. Number of degrees and academic ranks in the Jordanian universities, public and private, increased during the same period so that the total number of academic ranks during the period 2010 – 2011 was (5566) in public universities with (2599) academic ranks in private ones. Whereas the total number of students during the period 2010 – 2011was (38707) in public universities with (13445) students in private ones.

Finally, time series has been used, by which the results were so different from the general trend. The forecasting of academic ranks and different simple correlation coefficients in public and private universities has been estimated.

Keywords: Quality, Human Capital, General Trend Equation.