Mediating Role of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour in the Relationship between Feedback and Innovation Implementation
Sajid Haider*, Carmen de Pablos Heredero** and José Luis Montes Botella***
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Vehari, Pakistan*
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain**
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain***


Abstract:The behavioural perspective of innovation implementation suggests that performance feedback reinforces the dynamics of implementation. However, little attention has been paid to understand the mechanisms through which feedback affects implementation effort. The purpose of this research was to test an explanation of the relationship between feedback and innovation implementation. Specifically, we tested the mediating role of organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) in linking feedback and innovation implementation. Data were collected from supervisors and their subordinates involved in cardiac health services at five hospitals in Madrid Community (Spain). The findings indicate that feedback is a significant antecedent of OCB, and OCB is a significant antecedent of innovation implementation. The results also indicate that a positive relationship between feedback and innovation implementation is fully mediated by OCB. Feedback itself is less explicative in describing its effect on innovation implementation. Other mechanisms such as OCB can explain why  feedback predicts innovation implementation. Organisations that provide feedback to their employees enable themselves to promote those behaviours which are useful for implementing change. Organisations need to establish a transparent, effective and considerate system of providing feedback to their employees. A good system of feedback cultivates positive behaviours which, in return, positively affect innovation implementation.

Keywords: Innovation Implementation, Organisational Citizenship Behaviour, Feedback, Mediation.




International Institute of Organized Research
Thomson Reuter’s Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)


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