The Impact of Online Banking of Customer Satisfaction in Jordan
Loiy Bani Ismail and Mohammad Alawamleh
Business Administration Department
American University of Madaba


Abstract:Electronic communications and e-commerce have revolutionized the banking industry both in internal operations and in dealing with customers, and modern customers in developed countries have high expectations of service quality provided from banks to meet their satisfaction; however, many people resist such change and remain rooted in traditional high-street banking formats, particularly in developing countries. This paper uses a quantitative questionnaire and interviews to explore customers' perspectives on the e-banking system in Jordan, defining e-banking terminology and its functions and the advantages and limitations of e-banking applications to explore the impact of e-banking on traditional services. It finds that e-banking adoption had a positive effect on Jordanian banks and customers’ satisfaction rates, loyalty and incredibly positive word of mouth for the banks. The paper also identifies factors that determined customers’ satisfaction with internet banking. Based on the findings some recommendations are given to increase e-banking adoption in Jordan.

Keywords: Online banking, Jordanian banks, Customer satisfaction, e-banking.




International Institute of Organized Research
Thomson Reuter’s Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI)


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