Abstract-Vol-7-Issue-1 Daniela Rosim, Edmundo Escrivão Filho and Marcelo Seido Nagano

Managerial Role: Comparing Small and Large Firms in Brazil
Daniela Rosim*, Edmundo Escrivão Filho** and Marcelo Seido Nagano**
Goiás Federal University, Brazil*
University of São Paulo, Brazil**


Abstract: The purpose of this article is to compare the managerial work carried out by small business owner-managers to that of executives in large firms, proposing an incisive response to the debate on the similarities or differences between the work of these two categories of managers. This comparative analysis is based on Mintzberg’s (1973) role approach. All cases presented in this article replicate the data collection method - structured observation - used by Mintzberg (1973) to study the work of corporate managers, thus permitting comparisons and analyses to be made. It was concluded that the work of an owner-manager can be described by the role approach, specifically by the roles of: substitute; specialist; decisional and informational operator. It can be said then that small business owner-managers do not recognise themselves as playing interpersonal roles. The article contributes by developing and refining specific management techniques for the small business sector.

Keywords: Managerial role; Small businesses, Small business owner-manager.