Abstract-Vol-6-Issue-4 Prachita Patil ,Yogesh Deshpande, Sagar Agrawal, and Sanket Anshuman

How Small Scale Entrepreneur (SSE) Hire Human Capital? Understanding Recruitment Strategies: An Analytical Approach
Prachita Patil*, Yogesh Deshpande*, Sagar Agrawal**, and Sanket Anshuman**
Dept. Of Humanities and SS, VNIT *
Dept. of Chemical Engineering, VNIT**



Abstract: The development of Small Scale Entrepreneur sector has a well-defined identity in the configuration of the modern economy.SSE is one of the most important new job generators and also acting as a vibrant, dynamic and complex environment. SSE has relied on human resources. The contemporary entrepreneurs are realizing that recruitment process plays a major role in gaining adequate staff. This paper aims to understand some aspects of the recruitment process in Small Scale Entrepreneurs of Nagpur region. The conclusions of the paper are based on field empirical research on 30 SSE. The results showed that the recruitment process has significant particularities in the researched SSE.

Keywords: Small Scale Entrepreneur’s, Recruitment Process, Human Capital, Nagpur Region.