Abstract-Vol-6-Issue-3 Babak Ziyae, Mehran Rezvani and Fahimeh Zareai

Explaining the Entrepreneurial Effect of Customer Knowledge Management on Product Innovation of Electronic Businesses

Babak Ziyae*, Mehran Rezvani* and Fahimeh Zareai *

Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran*



Abstract: In today’s world, development of businesses is determined on the basis of existing knowledge of their processes and products, but not based on the volume of their capital goods and tools. The effect of knowledge, particularly in information technology and businesses that are active in this field is more specific. The present study aimed to explain the entrepreneurial effect of customer knowledge management and its dimensions on the innovations in active Electronic businesses (hereafter acronym as E-business) as well as the role of organizational knowledge absorptive capacity in the relationship between these two. The data of the 115 administrators and knowledgeable people in the business of two- star medal in the electronic tru.st icon were collected using a questionnaire that its validity and reliability have been confirmed. The results of this study show that entrepreneurial effect of customer knowledge management, both generally and in each of its dimensions, positively influences on the product innovation in the E-businesses. In addition, absorptive capacity of knowledge moderates the relationship the entrepreneurial effect of customer knowledge management and product innovation in E-businesses.

Keywords: Customer Knowledge Management; Absorptive Capacity; Innovation; E-Business